Sunday, July 12, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday ~ Sprit Lake Trail

The Wasco ~ mythical seawolf
We have had remarkable weather here on the islands since the first of June. Clear skies, warm, no rain...simply amazing! So the painting and staining continues! Finally, today I took a break and decided to enjoy the sunshine and hike the Spirit Lake Trail.

Haida is an isolate language and the hardest language in the world to learn.

The Spirit Lake hike is wonderful for inspiring and recharging your spirit by allowing you to connect with trees, birds, flowers and animals, as well as with the Haida who spent so much time around the lake. The trail begins in Skidegate, one of two Haida communities on Haida Gwaii and is part of an historical trail system the Haida used to travel to the community of Queen Charlotte and to collect cedar bark, medicinal plants and berries.

The upgrading of the trail for recreational purposes was hard won and a labour of volunteer love. The original wood(for boardwalks), gravel and other supplies that were delivered to the trailhead were stolen the night before work was to begin. More wood and supplies were donated and every piece had to be carried in the 5km trail.
It is now a beautiful place to walk for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy!
For those who love the lushness of ferns, there are seven different kinds within this small ecosystem. Candlelabra cedar snags.
The lake...
In the spring and fall swans and geese stop over here.
The lake is home to beaver and muskrat.
The "skunk cabbage" boardwalk!
Even in death the red cedar is still a majestic monument.

The lushness of a temperate rain forest walk.
One of the originals. The meadow between the two lakes.
They are inspirational.
A CMT (culturally modified tree) a cedar tree that has had bark stripping.
Snags are homes to Sawet Owls and woodpeckers.
Heading home.
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SandyCarlson said...

The carving is really neat. The landscape takes my breath away.

Larry D said...

What an incredible place, excellent photos!

nadia said...

I love the name of the place itself: The Spirit Lake. Oh, and the "skunk cabbage" boardwalk is so cool!

Great shots!

Erin said...

your captures on the spirit lake trail are wonderful...each and every one. i can see why the indians considered it spiritural.
have a wonderful week,

Sylvia K said...

What a terrific post and marvelous photos! I love the name of the place, too, and how beautiful it is! It is indeed breathtaking!

ms toast burner said...

Carolyn, I'm getting close to asking you to post something unappealing about Haida Gwaii! I'm currently feeling very unsettled in Victoria and you're dangling a bunch of carrots! lol.

I love the first photo... how you can see the trail go into the forest under the carving. Very nice. Well, the whole thing is! :-)

Deborah Godin said...

What a refreshing hike to take. To be alone with those old trees - a wonderful place and moment to be in!

Jenn Jilks said...

Beautiful shots. I visited B.C. a few times a few years ago.

We are fighting cold weather, wacko tourists, no berries and hungry bears in our neighbourhood. Not so much fun in My Muskoka!

Louise said...

What a pretty trail! I'm particularly drawn to the tall,tall trees!

Karen said...

What a gorgeous place to take a walk !!!

Breathtaking !!

Awesome shots ...thankyou for the walk. :-)

Janie said...

what a lush and beautiful ecosystem. The huge trees remind me of Olympic National Park. That's a great trail. Beautiful name, too.

Tom said...

I would be truely at home in such a place.... or I would be when my health allows me to be out and about.... You were right I DO like these trees very much... I could almost smell the woods and here the wildlife.. Great post

msdewberry said...

That would be a beautiful place to hike in. The scenery and your pictures are awesome.

Vagabonde said...

We love to hike on nature trails around here and the environment looks very different. We hope that someday we can hike your trails as they look so beautiful. Your pictures are lovely.

Vagabonde said...

We love to hike on nature trails around here and the environment looks very different. We hope that someday we can hike your trails as they look so beautiful. Your pictures are lovely.

Tammie Lee said...

endlessly I am drawn to your world through your photos and tales.

Linda said...

I've really enjoyed this virtual walk. I can just feel the delicious coolness - the sort that you appreciate because it's combined with heat! - of the shaded part of the trail. The combination of red cedar and blue northern skies are the essence of Canada for me. (from which you can infer that I've always been lucky with the weather on my visits!)

Esther Garvi said...

What a wonderful walk! So cool!

CountryDreaming said...

Love this unique natural landscape area. Everything is so green you can almost see the fresh air! The plant life is so different from that found in Northeast Ohio.

Pearl Maple said...

Stunning landscape, thank you for taking us on tour through this beautiful forest. Delightful way to spend and afternoon.


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