Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and to all peace and joy

Merry Christmas to all
To all peace and joy to you and yours.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amazing Sky

Lots of heavy weather as of late ...
 and then you get something like this!
 For other beautiful skies from around the world why not check out

SkyWatch Friday

Friday, January 06, 2012

Extended Warranty.....

On November 16, 2011 I awoke to a group of symptons most woman my age are all too aware of and never want to have... but denying them can kill you so I got myself down to Emergency.  With my blood pressure  through the roof and symptons of a STOKE I was MediVac'd to Prince Rupert for a CAT SCAN, echocardiogram and ultra sound of my neck arteries!
Within an hour of stablizing my blood pressure I was loaded into an surface ambulance and then an air ambulance for the one hour trip to the mainland and from there depended on what my tests disclosed.
Nothing devasting showed up on the tests so after a night in emergency because there were no beds in the hospital I was on my way home.
Leaving Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert does not have a walk-in clinic so everything goes through the emergency was a busy night.
I was expecting to stay an other night in Prince Rupert because of weather however they(the helicopter pilots) said there was a window of opportunity....I didn't see it!
Fog over  Prince Rupert Airport(the planes were grounded!)
Heading out across the Hecate Strait in the fog.
Never let someone look at your camera if you don't want your picture taken! 
I could at least smile as I was heading home with some things to work out but generally a clean bill of health.
 (I also always travel with a camera in my hand or my pocket!)

The skies cleared but the seas where still pretty rough.
Finally the shores of home.
A welcome rainbow over Skidegate.
My ride! 
In Canada we have universal health care.  It varies a little from province to province but if you need care you get it.  That trip there probably used up all my premiums to date and then some! 
I am eternally grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff of Queen Charlotte and Prince Rupert General Hospitals and the EMTs and pilots of BC Ambulance Service for their care and compassion. 


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