Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MyWorld Tuesday ~ Update

(I've had a little trouble with click to enlarge but it seems to be working now...there is some great detail)
As promised, an update on The World. If you are just arriving on this blog the previous post will give you a little more info and understanding of this post. The World is the first ship of it's kind. It is a floating condominium and it is spending two days in Queen Charlotte. The largest boat in our waters until this morning is the little boat in this photo...The BC Ferries MV Northern Adventure! (In the previous post I mentioned the Northern Expedition, she plies our waters but only for a couple of months during the winter, Northern Adventure does our regular service). She is 117 m( 380 ft) long, 20 m (65 ft) wide with a gross tonnage of 9,925 whereas The World is 196 m (644 feet) long, 30 m (98 feet) wide with a gross tonnage of 43,525! Just a little bit bigger!
Lots of people went up the coast to catch their first glimpse. The World coming over the bar at Balance Rock, a glacial anomaly.
As she came into Bearskin Bay things started to move and unfold. The bigger of the two boats being prepared for launch is their tender/lifeboat, I think the little one was out to check if there were any rocks in the way! Unfortunately she is not open to us common folk for touring as she is a private residence. So this is probably the closest we will get.
This is our welcoming committee!

The view of The World from our harbour...she had to anchor quite far out because we are on extreme tides....more about that in my next post.
Why not join us a MYWORLD TUESDAY to other great parts of our world.


Louise said...

Both of these posts are so interesting. I see a new time share market on the horizon!

Gaelyn said...

Wow, that is one monstruous ship or floating condo. What an amazing way to live on the water and stop at ports along life's journey. Nice posts.

Word verification = boate

P said...

Interesting read. it must be a weird life moving around the World on this..... I would miss my garden !

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: That is so neat, she is a beautiful boat.
BTW: You are right, that #2 is tricky.

mkreider said...

Great photos.. wonderful detail.. I love to enlarge and peruse.

Arija said...

Your post is interesting and beautifully presented but thank the Lord fasting, we are all different! Just looking at that floating jail makes me feel claustrophobic. To be couped up with so many people until all eternity is for me a fate worse than death. Give me the wilderness, the flora and fauna of the wilds, birds singing and bees buzzing and here and there an iteresting person is bliss to me.

Linda said...

Absolutely fascinating. I looked up their website, and wasn't attracted by the idea one bit! As P said, I would miss my garden, and like Arija, I couldn't stand to be cooped up with so many people - and all the same type of 'successful' people.

Has there been any interaction between 'the residents' and you ordinary folk on shore? Shopping, I suppose! Well, if they leave a few dollars behind them I suppose it's a benefit.

Deborah Godin said...

Hmmm, a floating condominium, eh. Didn't know a thing about it til I read your posts. It's a very interesting notion, I guess, but I think I'd be more inclined to a nice houseboat tied up somewhere (think Sleepless in Seattle) than this...

ms toast burner said...

Yep, that's one big boat!

I found the website for 'The World' and you can rent a place... you know, try before you buy... it's only $1300 to $2300 ... per NIGHT!

Actually... I think you'd have to PAY me that much to be trapped in a floating 'gated community' with this description: "While between ports, life aboard ship resembles life found in almost any upscale community: Golf or tennis lessons, spa treatments, business to tend to, books to read and films to catch up on."

I like reading and films but the rest is my idea of approaching a hermetically sealed, sanitized life of hell! BOOORRRRING!

Excellent post, Carolyn. Fantastic photos, especially the one showing that puts size into perspective.

I hope the visitors emptied their wallets while they graced your community with their presence. ;-)

Vagabonde said...

I read about this ship a while back and thought that it would become boring being with all these people all the time. I’d rather take a freighter around the world if I had the money, but even then after a couple of weeks it would seem quite long. I think that short cruises are nice and right now quite affordable. I wonder what types of people can live on a ship like that, apart from being rich that is. That must have been interesting though to see that ship close by.

Ruth said...

I have been on an ocean liner for 28 days between S. Africa and Canada and that was enough. I have never wanted to go on a cruise except perhaps a short one to Alaska or Scandinavia.


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