Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rough Seas

 There are rough seas on the horizon as we head into what so far has been a record autumn with five storms bearing hurricane force winds in eleven days.  Since Labour Day the ferry has been cancelled twice and delayed five times.  These are the type of statistics we are used to in the middle of winter.
This is the weather satellite capture from this morning showing the tail end of a strong storm that grounded us yesterday(Haida Gwaii is on the far right and Russia is on the far left of this capture).  Our weather systems orignate in the North Pacific circulating in a counter clockwise direction.  Haida Gwaii's main weather comes from the southeast.  Winds coming across the warm Japanese current pick up moisture and speed, as they meet the coastal mountains and the high pressure system that sits south of us they create the spiral that brings us our weather.  If the high pressure system is weak our low pressure system will overwhelm the high and the system will move south over Vancouver Island, if it is strong it keeps the system north and we get wet and wind blown.
 These two photos were taken from the deck of the cabin.  The wind is blowing salt mist which plays havoc with camera lens.  The grasses have already gone brown and are showing the direction of the wind and blowing sand.  Even Marley is willing to watch from a distance!

Friday, September 16, 2011

SkyWatchFriday on Haida Gwaii

 Click on any photo for some remarkable detail. 
 I consider it a privledge to be up early enough to watch the sunrise and on this particular morning you could actually see the mainland coast of British Columbia(100km away) from my meditation spot.

 Clouds don't always need to be ominous!
 And then the day begins.
My morning meditation bench.
During the afternoon this beautiful cloud formation moved in.
This kind of cloud formation is ususally the precurser of change
but it seems the change was for the good
as a subtle sunset introduced the last full moon of summer!
For other beautiful skies from around the world why not join us at
SkyWatch Friday.


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