Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day to All

Credit: Col. C. Hadfield 
"The clouds are quickly fleeting, but the heart continues beating"
Col. Chris Hadfield, ISS 

Credit: Col. C. Hadfield
"Seven billion hearts, but I can see only one." 
Col. Chris Hadfield, ISS

                                                                                                                               Credit: Col. C. Hadfield
"You make me feel light-headed, like I'm floating around the room." 
Col.Chris Hadfield, ISS
We seem to have a hopeless romantic in Canadian Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, Commander of the International Space Station
If you haven't seen Col. Hadfield's photos of our beautiful home from space why not "friend" him on Facebook and see some breathtaking skies from space.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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