Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My World Tuesday ~ Make sure you want the answer

Having coffee just after sunrise from the deck of the cabin yesterday.
So we have a good friend who is a building contractor and is building a home a couple of kilometers down the road and beach from us.  As you know we are very proud of what we have accomplished on the Dune Cabin so far.  We invite Phred and his family over for supper and to show off what we have done.  As we walk out to the building site, which he likes there is silence, a long silence!  I don't have to look at his face, I know what he is thinking..."what the heck are they doing!"

Let me put this in context.  We all know what happens when people build homes on cliffs overlooking the ocean, or up the side of mountains or too close to the water.... Mother Nature is the great equalizer!
The prevailing weather for these islands is out of the southeast, the winds that come with this weather are warm, wet and feasome strong.  From October through March "southeasters" can be an almost daily experience with sustained winds anywhere from 80 to 110 kph.  You can lean into the winds and not fall over!

The cabin has been built on the edge of the dune along the tree line.  The site and cabin face directly into the southeast but is set back into the trees...just barely.  It is sitting on pads and posts on and in the sand and has a loft overhanging the four foot front deck.  The ability of the wind to get under the cabin and the "kiting effect" caused by the loft over the deck CAN (but may not) put the cabin at risk of no longer being where we built it!  So we are taking a break from the cabin building for bit while we anchor it more securely and are building the wood shed.

Despite not wanting to hear what Phred had to say I personally am very grateful for his input..I really like terra firma! 
The wood shed
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Gaelyn said...

Having a strong base for your house is very important, especially in high winds. Nice to have some professional input.

Clytie said...

This sounds like a true professional and good friend. I'm so glad you are taking his advice!

Thank you for the shot of the shed. I can't wait to see how it looks when you're done! I bet it will be very cute.

Janie said...

Sounds like a good idea to have everything well anchored with all that wind coming off the water! The location sounds lovely, though.
That shed looks very sturdy.

ms toast burner said...

Oh c'mon Carolyn... where's you sense of adventure? An air born cabin sounds very exciting! You could go to sleep and wake up in Oz!



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