Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Beach collection!

Collected off the same beach as the previous post but 48 hours later!
Sorry can not remain wordless.... please reduce, reuse & recycle, we are killing our oceans!


Lorac said...

What a shame the plastics are getting into the oceans this way. People need to wake up! Not only recycle but try using othjer things that won't cause this kind of pollution.
The dog fish in the last post look like small shark.

Betherann said...

That's quite a haul. :/

Happy WW!

Meandering Michael said...

Disgusting. Thanks for posting these shots.

Gaelyn said...

You're going to have to open a recycled beach store soon.

Anonymous said...

So very shocking and sad how we are so poisoning our very wonderful planet, our home.sun

eileeninmd said...

That is disgusting but very nice of you to help clean up.

Ron Cooper said...

Unbelievable waste! We have to do better!




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