Friday, June 04, 2010

SkyWatch Friday ~ Mercury Sky

The weather has been gray, wet and windy for the past couple of weeks but the skies have been beautiful.
I love a mercury sea and sky.
The gulls like a very specific point on the beach and will stay till the very last minute before taking off and circling around.
I am still learning how to capture birds in flight but these guys make it easy!
  As we walked closer they would take off, hang in the air and then settle a little further down the beach
or in the water!
And then they become part of the mercury sea and sky!

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Sushikay said...

Beautiful photos! I always follow your blog to see what the weather is like on Haida Gwaii. Funny I don't remember seeing one seagull when we were there for Josh and Erica's wedding? We saw alot of eagles and crows though...I remember the crows were gigantic! lol
Take care!

Linnea W said...

Beautiful silvery coloring. What a great day for a visit to the beach, but then again you're not that far from such lovely scenes, are you!!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful series of beach photos, love the first shot with the driftwood. And the gulls in flight is another favorite, well done!

Gaelyn said...

This really is a very monochromatic sky and sea. Love the gulls. A great bird to practice for flight photos.

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous collection of photos to celebrate the sky and the beach on a sparkling kind of day. Like the way you caught the birds at play.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the walk along the beach and the look at the gulls playing in the wind and sea. Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

I love the photo where they are taking off. I would like to take a photo like that. Did you have many takes?

Robin said...

You've made the gray weather look so beautiful. Great captures of the sea, sky, and gulls.

Janie said...

Great shots of the gulls. You've done a great job of capturing them in flight, and I love the last shot with the sparkle on the water.
The mercury skies and sea are so lovely.

George said...

Beautiful photos!! I like all the series
Thanks for your visit on "zoom
Have a nice weekend

Judy said...

The second shot is just perfect! And I love the shots where the gulls are taking off! It is always fascinating to watch them!!

Ebie said...

Love this series of shots! The silvery skies and waters glistening, what a beautiful world!

You caught the birds in such a beautiful flight. Great composition.

Quiet Paths said...

Your photos are making so very homesick for the ocean. Gorgeous in all its textures. I am enjoying your blog as this is my first visit!

Powell River Books said...

Wayne and I talked about getting a trip to Haida Gwaii this summer but it isn't going to work out. Maybe next year. What is October like up your way? - Margy


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