Tuesday, April 06, 2010

MyWorld Tuesday ~ Easter

The weather was absolutely stunning in Toronto for Easter Sunday(and the rest of the weekend) 
with lots of blue skies and temperatures in the low 20*C,
spring flowers,
warm sands,
busy boardwalks,
curbside seats,
people friendly streets,
 lots of little people,
big people,
fit people,
lots of people,
super stars,
local stars,
four-legged stars,
and our favourite stars!
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: Great photos of the parade in this strange Spring weather.

Cedar ... said...

What a wonderful group of photos, I really feel like I was there with you. Excellent candid shots!

Linda said...

What an amazing temperature jump. Things still look quite brown, but I imagine they'll green up very fast now. Great to have such weather for the Easter parade.

Dafthermit said...

wonderful blog my friend

just popped over from my world and so glad i did

peace and light from our wee tin in Scotland

SandyCarlson said...

Your Easter photos are beautiful!

Gen said...

Little kids at parades are just the cutest!!!!!!

Tom said...

Good day to you Carolyn
What a great set of pictures these are... great also to see the folks all out and about enjoying themselves.. loverly posting for sure.

Marion said...

I heard about your wonderful temperatures and thought of you! Thanks for posting the photos...it looks warm, for sure!

In the Cariboo, we had snow overnight and temperatures are hovering at -10C right now. It seems Spring will never arrive...


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