Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My World Tuesday ~ Painting, painting, painting

(Paint job three)
One painting job leads to another painting job which leads
(The red on these trees was thought to be a bug it turns out they are dying because it is too dry!)
down the open roadand my new used pair of wheels....pretty cool eh? I have limited internet right now so will get back to you next week.

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Tom said...

I like the Jazz... it reminds me of the Lambretta of my youth.. ha!

koala said...

Love your scooter.

Cedar ... said...

Nice scoot,.. and easy to park on the ferry!

Vagabonde said...

I remember being in the back of many scooters when I was younger. Once a friend and I went all around Rome with one, and I was not afraid. On your island I am sure it is safe but here with the wild drivers around Atlanta it is too scary.

Janie said...

Your new wheels do look pretty cool! Seems especially practical on an island.

Anonymous said...

I love your new scooter. We're thinking of getting one for zooting around London, where the average traffic speed is 17mph,so a scooter ought to be a bit quicker.

Where you are it's probably the ideal thing.

Tammie Lee said...

Sorry to hear about those trees dying! I saw a large area in S. MT where trees were dying, due to the beetle. It was sad to see. Nice wheels, have fun on those.

SandyCarlson said...

I like the colors!

Tom said...

I called back to see if up had an update post... maybe next time ;O)

Hope you have had a great week... catch you again soon.

If you get time nip over and meet Ammon Wrigley then read his poem The Homestead

Linda said...

At least the dry weather is good for your painting. Obviously less than good for the trees.


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