Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Journey continues....

Mother Nature was having her way with us and shrouded the most majestic Mt. Robson, tallest peak in Canada. We are crossing the continental divide at Yellowhead Pass.
The clouds started to lift as we entered Jasper. Of all things this is a Haida totem pole in downtown Jasper with Marmot Mountain in the background. The building on top is the upper terminus of the tramway with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains on a good day.
Our trusty chariot, VIARAIL'S Canadian 2. If you ever have a chance take this trip. If you are 60 or older you are considered a senior(I prefer "senior-in-training") and you can travel from Vancouver to Toronto for as little as $306.00 (birth extra) AND you can take a friend with you for free!!!! There are lots of other great deals too.
Jasper is a National Park so you can not knowing kill any animals, so these elk have right of way even with the likes of a diesel locomotive!
Leaving Jasper National Park. Cold temperatures and minimal snow makes for great skating ponds.
Monday morning we woke east of Edmonton and in whiteout conditions which lasted until dusk for the most part.
Hopefully some sun tomorrow! We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a four hour layover and it is living up to it's nickname of WINTERPEG! More pictures tomorrow!


Colin Campbell said...

Love your shots. I took the US equivalent trip. Loved it.

Ruth said...

That is a great deal from VIA. I don't want to rush 60 though. I wonder if they would lower the age to 55?!

Tammie Lee said...

Yes, it is gray and white just like your photos and I am maybe 5 hours south of Banff. Hope you get some sun soon. That is a great rail price, is it only for Canadians?

Powell River Books said...

Looks like taking the train through all that weather was a good choice. I would hate to be driving! - Margy

Lindab said...

As a Scot I'm homing in on the price - is that only for Canadians?? The scenery is pretty good too!


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