Friday, August 13, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ~ Summer on the Dunes

It has been a warm, busy week here with some beautiful sky in the clouds!
For more great skies why not join us at


Meandering Michael said...

Sky in the clouds? Oh, right! Here we get clouds in our sky. I forgot how much rainfall you get there. :D

Powell River Books said...

Hi again finally. We got back down the lake and I have a bit of computer time. Trying to catch up after three weeks away. I am sure the cabin is coming along nicely. And it looks like you are getting some of the nice weather as well. - Margy

Gaelyn said...

Great capture. I can see so far. And the dunes look like a nice place to sit and watch it all happen.

Linda said...

Yes, you've got some nice sky in there. And some fine mountains on the horizon.

Janie said...

the dock looks very cheery with its bright red rails.
Sailboarding looks like a lot of fun!

Janie said...

Beautiful sky, sand and sea, and I love that lone tall tree standing out against the sky.


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