Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Reflections ~ What's wrong with these pictures?

American Robin
I am wandering around southern Ontario and doing a lot of walking and when you walk you see more things. Wednesday while walking in the Beaches Area of Toronto I came upon four is January 14th!
Woolly Bear (ArctiidaeCaterpillar)
And then today as I was walking into Picton along County Road 10 I met this little fella. I thought he was dead as the snow had just melted overnight but low and behold....
he was strutting his stuff! I turned him around as his trajectory was across the road and at the pace he was moving he was going to be road kill....this is January 16, winter, in Canada....he/she is supposed to be hibernating and the Robins are still supposed to be down south!
So what's up?

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Cedar ... said...

I'm located directly south of Montreal by about 1.5 hour drive,... we sometimes have robins that winter over here. I'm amazed that they survive.

Erin said...

that's a good question...that wooly bear is cute :)

Anonymous said...

What's up? Maybe spring will come early this year. Great shot of the robin in among the berry feast.

Janie said...

At least one robin never left here. We see him every day in the crabapple tree feasting on fruit. I'm surprised to see the catepillar motivating around in January.


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