Friday, April 29, 2011

SkyWatch Friday ~ Why am I here?

 In 2002/2003 I sat at the table with 20 other islanders and worked on what was to be known as the Heritage Tourism Strategy.  Often when traditional economies fail(in our case logging and commercial fishing) communities often turn to tourism as their panacea.  However tourism can have the same devastating affects as commercial logging and/or over fishing, turning once liveable pristine places into overrun seasonal landscapes gutting them of core services and long term viability.
The fella who helped our group through this process, Robert Sandford told us something that has never left me..."Each day remind yourself why you choose to live here and never let anything else get in the way of that."   What he wanted us to remember is the essence of why we live where we live so that when we are called upon to make choices we will make the right choices.  If we do not remind ourselves every single day change will happen for the wrong reasons.
I came to Haida Gwaii fourteen years ago but I had known since I was nine that I would come here!  It took half a lifetime to get here but everyday I know why I am here.  It is not always easy, work can be sporatic, family is half a continent away and some of them really don't understand "why" and the cost of everything going up can be daunting but I still know that this is where "my puzzle piece fits"!
It is when I take my morning walk along the beach
and see the incredible beauty that surrounds me
that I am reminded why I am here.
The human race have a tendancy to not do things in moderation, it seems to be all or nothing.  We were reminded while working on the Heritage Tourism Strategy that if there were special places on these islands that we wanted to keep special we should think long and hard before identifying them or risk them becoming our "best kept secret" that everyone knows about!
Where ever you choose to live, honour it, be a part of it and remind yourself daily why you are there...a job(money) should never be the primary reason.  
For me it is the connection to the land, to walk on Mother Earth and to know that we are all connected,

to appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounds us everywhere if we just take the time to look
and give thanks!
Out side of the first four photos(the beach at Tlell) these where taken on North Beach in Naikoon Provincial Park on the northeast corner of Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands.  Although others had been on the beach we were the only ones there on this beautiful low tide.  The view through the cracked windshield is the stunning drive through what the locals call the "Magic Forest", a protected Ecological Zone.
For other stunning skies and reflections from around the world why not join us a


Anonymous said...

This post is so inspiring - I love Haida Gwaii, and I am currently working out plans to join my family and move there this year. Your amazing photos distill everything I love about the islands - the sky, the sea, the towering trees. Thank you so much!

'Tsuki said...

Thanks you so much for the lovely ride... Those picture are amazing : thanks for the sharing...

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful skies and scenic shots. I love the beach scenes.

Marion said...

Lots to think about in this post, Carolyn!

"Where ever you choose to live, honour it, be a part of it and remind yourself daily why you are there...a job(money) should never be the primary reason."... After leaving the Coast last weekend, I know without a doubt where my place is and have made the intent to move back ocean side within a year. Thanks for this post and the stunning photos, Carolyn, it cemented my intent!!


A wonderful series and useful thoughts about being proactive in the matter of taking care of where we live!

jo©o said...

I've known since I started reading your blog last year, that I wanted to come there :-)
Unfortunately, that is never going to happen.
Looks like paradise to me.
I see the hut is finished.

Janie said...

Your photos have convinced me that you live in a truly magnificent place. I can easily see why you chose it!

Tabor said...

this is so true of all the beautiful areas of the world. We end up loving them to death whether a tourism condition has been set up or not. I hope you and yours can find a good balance.

Jenn Jilks said...

Deliciously beautiful photos and great sentiment. We moved from the lake as the citiots abused the privilege of living there: fireworks, jetskis, loud late parties.

So glad to be living in a quiet space now.
Cheers from Cottage Country.

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss

Pat Tillett said...

Amazing photographs of a BEAUTIFUL place. thanks so much for the photo/tour!

Kay said...

I miss my kids Josh and Erica so much and often wish they didn't live so far away from me...but looking at all the beautiful photos of your breathtaking island I can definitely see why they live there!

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by Haida Gwaii and if I could afford it, would certainly love to be a tourist there but I fully support your wishes to protect your island from crass tourism. I would do the same.

Patricia Lichen said...

Lovely--and lots to think about...

Thanks for this post.

--Patricia Lichen,

Linda said...

I read this a few days ago and have been thinking about it every since.


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