Friday, January 16, 2009


Morning Fog on Bearskin Bay, Haida Gwaii

Woke this morning thinking it was summer, well spring! The sun was streaming in my window and from my position in bed the sky was a delicate blue. I am past night sweats so it must've been warm in the house! I had one heater(electric)on and it was still way too warm. When I opened the front door it was as warm outside as it was inside!
Now,I should probably clarify some things. I am an outdoor person through and through and if I had my way(hmmm I do?) I would live outdoors year round. My poor daughter thought her life had ended one year in her early teens when I suggested we live in a canvas tent on a woodframe for a season...when I met her dad that is what I had been doing in the Yukon for three years! Second, what I call warm is relative. Having grown up most of my life in Southwestern Ontario where temperatures during the summer could reach 35*C + 100% humidity, here on Haida Gwaii we call it hot when the temperature reaches 20*C, so warm is anywhere between 15*C & 19*C! So in the sun this morning the deck thermometer said it was 13*C....warm!
Overnight a Southeaster had blown through and removed the snow with its warm Japanese current influenced winds. All that remains is a few piles of dirty snow and a mantle that blankets the mountains. feels like spring!


Arija said...

A very beautiful and crisp photo with the double bank of fog rolling in.
Temperature certainly is relatice to acclimaization. When we were in Iceland in August, their maximum was 8C. We froze and bought extra woolies and the locals were sporting their short sleeved pastel polyester blouses. They had bought them for the summer and they were determined to show them off!

CoyoteFe said...

Your photo looks like the beginning of a fairy tale. It's 4 degress F here in PA, and we just don't DO that. :-O

Awaiting May in Pennsylvania ...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Carolyn! You've won a copy of The Vision Board book! Please send me your address so I can mail it out to you ... amongthehedgerows "@" gmail "dot" com (my email is also on my profile page).

Have a wonderful day!



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