Friday, January 05, 2007

In the Beginning

Almost a year ago I was introduced to "blogging". This young blog wizard stood before an audience of some 150 maturing managers and explained how blogging was the way of the future and would change how we and our industry would do business. On a mammoth computer screen he walked us through "how easily" we could "create and edit" posts and "moderate" comments and how we could showcase our region by having "community blogs" with visitors extolling the virtues of our tourism region...."best and cheapest advertising" we were told.
That was a little too much information for one sitting. All my computer knowledge has been learned on "as needed" basis, which really means I do everything the long and hard way! I'm 58, why would I want to start and learn some new fangled program now!?
Then Gen(my daughter) and her new husband Steve started a blog so she could communicate with all her new extended family and post all her wonderful photos. When she would send me an occassional email there was all this chit chat with big holes in it. I'd write back, "when did all this happen?" and she'd reply frustrated "It's all on my blog!" "What blog?""The one I sent you the address to back in whenever!" And so I grovelled for her blog address again and spent an evening catching up on everything that had happened from weddings of people I didn't know, to disagreements with housemates to new additions to her extended family!
I didn't comment on anything.....didn't know how! Finally I took my new laptop home and on my intermittent wireless connection made my first comment on her blog but that was not before I had to set up my own blog site 'cause everything I do is backwards and takes forever! You will notice that this is the very first post since I established "Living on the Edge"! I must admit I have tried several times earlier however became "wordless"! Hard to believe coming from someone whose job it is to communicate! I realized I was exposing myself and that caught me off guard, so I withdrew from trying to post.
Then I tried to upload a photo to share and to give me inspiration and to this day I do not know where that picture is! It uploaded and disappeared!
Anyway, here I am, with a nudge from Genevieve and a New Years resolution committed to posting on my site sometime in 2007 no matter how feable the attempt and to leave the attempts at uploading photos until I have a more grounded connection!
Cheers and may we all learn something new this year!


Gen and Steve said...

Congratulations Mom on your inaugaural posting!! See, it's not so hard!!

And don't worry...I've had a few pictures disappear into cyberspace as well. The World Wide Web doesn't need an amateur to remind us who is boss!!

Keep getting your "blog" on!!!

G. xoxo

Carolyn on Island said...

Ok Gen, how did you find me....I just came on to see if my post actually made it after it disappeared off my screen three times and I had to write the last paragraph again, again and again (and it is never as good as the first time!. How did you search for my blog.
Smiles & xoxo


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